City Engineer

The mission of the Engineering Department is to vigorously defend the best interests of the residents, businesses, and other stakeholders in the City of Newnan in all aspects of Civil Engineering, including design, construction, and maintenance. The benefits of staff Civil Engineering services are widespread.

For questions or more information regarding Engineering, contact Michael Klahr.


All development within the City of Newnan is designed by Professional Engineers, registered in the State of Georgia, and reviewed by the various disciplines within the Engineering Department for compliance with City standards and generally accepted engineering standards. All development shall comply with the provisions of the various Ordinances as adopted by the City Council.

The City of Newnan is designated as a Local Issuing Authority (LIA), enabling local permitting for Land Disturbance Activity.

For questions or more information regarding the development, contact Sam Henrique.

Stormwater Management

The Stormwater Coordinator is responsible for the review of stormwater management plans, including hydrology studies, submitted with development. No development is permitted that will increase the rate of stormwater runoff from a developed site or otherwise adversely affect downstream conditions.

The City of Newnan is a permitted Phase II "MS4" municipality, maintaining a municipal separate storm sewer system, separate from the sanitary sewer system which is maintained by Newnan Utilities. A permit by the State of Georgia Environmental Protection Division allows the City to discharge stormwater runoff to the Waters of the State. The permit requires that the City of Newnan perform, document, and report certain activities on an annual basis, to the Watershed Protection Branch to maintain compliance, ensuring Georgia's water resources are protected.

For questions or more information regarding stormwater, contact Rob Hill.

Erosion Control

The Erosion Control Inspector is responsible for ensuring the Waters of the State are protected from erosion, sedimentation, and pollution that may arise from permitted land disturbance activities within the City. This includes the maintenance of Best Management Practices (BMP) as part of the Erosion Sedimentation and Pollution Control Plans submitted for development. The Inspector maintains a record of inspection activities, including Notices of Violation, for active permits, and reports these records quarterly and semi-annually to the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation District (GSWCC).

The City of Newnan has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the GSWCC allowing the City to conduct a review and approval of Erosion Sedimentation and Pollution Control Plans, submitted for development, without referral of applications and plans to the District.

Various staff in the Engineering Department maintain certifications for plan review, field inspections, and design of erosion control plans, and staff in the Public Works Department maintain certifications for performing land disturbance activities.

For questions or more information regarding erosion control contact Michael Kessler.

Floodplain Management

The City of Newnan participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), enabling property owners to obtain flood insurance when and where appropriate.

Both the Director of Engineering and Civil Engineer are Certified Floodplain Managers.

For questions or more information regarding development in floodplains and floodways, and for any property owner that may have questions regarding flood maps, click the link at the left of this page, or contact Michael Klahr.