Occupational Tax Certificates (formerly Business Licenses)

The Council and City of Newnan staff welcomes your business to our thriving community! All businesses operating in the City of Newnan are required to obtain and display a current annual Occupational Tax Certificate. Additionally, retail establishments which sell alcohol (on-premises or off-premises) are required to obtain an alcohol license each year, as certificates and licenses are issued by calendar year and expire on December 31st each year. Certificate renewals are due January 1st, however, the City allows businesses to pay without penalty through April 15th each year, granting time to complete the processing of tax returns prior to applying for renewal of the certificate. No business license or certificate of any type will be issued by the City of Newnan if the business owes any type of delinquent revenues (taxes, grass cutting, etc.) to the City.

Business Name or Location Changes & or Ownership Transfers

The City is to be notified of all business name and location changes, as well as transfers of ownership. The Amended Occupational Tax Certificate Application (PDF) is to be used for this purpose. Location changes require zoning approval and possibly the approval of Building Inspection and the Fire Marshall. The appropriate fees are listed on the form. It is the Owner's responsibility to keep all changes up-to-date with the City. Otherwise, renewal packets may not reach the right address and a fee will be imposed to reproduce the renewal/tax return form since we do not keep copies on file. Additionally, ownership, name and/or location changes not reported can impact the business' ability to receive property renewal packets and certificates which can cost the business time and money if due dates are missed or forms are lost.

For more information concerning Occupational Taxes in the City of Newnan, please see the City of Newnan's Code of Ordinances or contact the City's Accounting Specialist or by phone at 678-673-5478.