Newnan Citizen Academy Alumni

After each academy session, Citizen Academy class members attend a graduation ceremony and receive Certificates of Completion. Graduates are also recognized by the Mayor and Newnan City Council during a council meeting.

But their participation in the City of Newnan's government does not end at graduation, as many of the graduates go on to serve in other roles, such as volunteering, serving on a city board and commission, assisting with selecting members for future Citizen Academy classes, and even serving on the Newnan City Council.

2020 Newnan Citizen Academy Graduates

  • Ayisat Idris-Hosch
  • Charlotte Hollins
  • Constance Jordan
  • David Aldrich
  • Eric Miller
  • Gizelle Lamastus
  • Jesse Frei

2019 Newnan Citizen Academy Graduates

  • Addie Kolb
  • Craig Jackson
  • Jesse Tanner
  • June Francis
  • Ria Hays
  • Ryan Kolb
  • Scott Frederking
  • Tori Hansen
  • Tracey Brooks
  • William Johns

2018 Newnan Citizen Academy Graduates

  • Amy Craven
  • Ashley Reeder
  • Scott Berta
  • Brent Snodgrass
  • Christina Emerik
  • Javier Osma
  • Jessica Skinner
  • Joyce Estep
  • Julie Mezzatesa
  • Kevin Darvell
  • Lynda Gavelis
  • Marie Estep
  • Maura Bercik
  • Rachel Rivenbark
  • Rebecca Estep
  • Robert Ribiero
  • Sandra Pointer
  • Shanee' Murrain
  • Tammy Prutu
  • Tim Ross