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1. Why can’t I opt out or select my sanitation provider, aka Subscription Service?
2. Why doesn’t the City of Newnan Public Works Department handle the trash and recycling?
3. Did the City conduct any studies prior to releasing the invitation to bid for new sanitation services?
4. What changes are being made to ensure performance in the new contract?
5. Was the City Council’s decision to select our new hauler discussed publicly?
6. Is the new rate competitive within the marketplace?
7. Why did the rate increase?
8. When does the contract/service end with GFL?
9. Should I pay my GFL invoice?
10. What if I have AUTO PAY set up with GFL?
11. When will I receive an invoice from the City of Newnan?
12. Why am I no longer separating trash and recycling?
13. When will my cart be delivered?
14. When is my new service day?
15. Should I bag my trash?
16. I need to dispose of large boxes. May I place them by my cart?
17. What if I can’t fit all of my trash and recycling bags in my cart?
18. When should I place out my cart?
19. Where should I place my cart for service?